I’m graduated in mathematics and I live and work in Florence.

I wrote my first software code at the university in 1978 and I continued designing and developing applications with the ” micro computer ” Tandy Radio Shack before the advent of the IBM Personal Computer .
Since then and for over 10 years, as a consultant in computer science, I conceived and written dozens of ad hoc software applications for: doctors’ practices , production, email marketing , pharmacy , tourism, billing, etc.

In 1993, ahead of its time , I decided to broaden my horizons and I turned to creating CD-ROM.
But winning a gamble , since then there were a few thousand CD-ROM in circulation and very little media culture .
In this period of my professional career I worked for:
Istituto Ernesto Ragionieri, Ciatti S.p.A., Focchi Giuseppe S.p.A., Mix Consulting Group, Comune di Firenze, Consorzio Chianti Gallo Nero, Computer Discount, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Azienda Agraria Mazzei Lapo, Giunti Gruppo Editoriale, ENICHEM, Museo dell’Accademia, Bulgarini Editore, Bonechi Editore, Scala SpA.

I developed navigable and interactive three-dimensional virtual reality CD-ROM.

Currently I study new technologies (HW & SW ) and I think about how these can be translated into business : I follow and participate in conversations online , I update the new trend of communication and marketing.
I take care of relationships with customers to help them to choose the most appropriate tools and to exploit its potential.
I know well the potential of new media and moving out in the design activities of the websites.
I can then provide valuable support to all those who want to understand and exploit the opportunities offered by new technologies.